About us


Photo by Karl Andre Terblanche

Hi! Welcome to our page. We are delighted that you took the time to stop by.

I am Riana, the wife and mom, runner and free-lance writer. I practiced as an environmental consultant in the Namib Desert for some years before eldest was born in 2011. Since then I embarked on the career of a lifetime: accompanying our two free-spirited boys as they discover this beautiful place we call earth. I am a stay-at-home to our boys, Mr 7 and Mr 5, while Nico, their daddy and my dear Hubs, work as consulting geologist almost all over the world. Apart from being a very successful exploration geologist, Nico is also a trail runner and an avid mountaineer that have scaled a number of unfathomably beautiful (and technical) mountains.

We spend much time at our tiny castle in beautiful Damaraland on the edges of the small derelict mining town Uis, some 110 km east of Henties Bay. It is here that we fell in love with running the untamed trails in the shadows of Brandberg Mountain. Here, within the Tsiseb Conservancy, where desert-adapted rhino, elephant and lion are still roaming free and unfenced…. one of the last unspoiled Wildernesses. It is within this harsh yet beautiful wide open space that we learned to appreciate the value of a minimalistic way of living close to nature.

It is our desire and our goal to help preserve our Wilderness, a small fraction of earth representative of all wild places and wild hearts across the globe, by raising awareness first within our own home. Hopefully, the ripples will also reach further and wider as we grow and learn and get to know all of our friends, also those whom we have still to meet.

With this page we hope to share and exchange a little with you, our friends and kindred spirits. We love traveling and practice it every which way we can, whether it is for Nico’s work, for mountaineering or running races in new and beautiful far-off places. 

We would love to hear from you, so drop us a line or head over to our Instagram or Facebook pages!