2017 Results

Dear athletes, supporters, participants, friends,

We had a fantastic few days filled with excitement, adrenaline, laughs and kindness. Thank you to each and every one who participated, volunteered, cheered, donated, came up for a chat or helped spread the message. Our rhinos are better off due to each and every tiny and big effort from your side. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Within the next few days we will have some more photos and write-ups on the week’s events. Please keep an eye on this site as well as the Facebook page.

To those who participated, thank you for your big hearts and doing it all for the love of our rhino. We know many athletes took some interesting detours, some ran much further than planned, some took scenic short-cuts. Thank you for being a sport about it and hopefully you have taken away so good memories while doing so. We certainly loved seeing your satisfied, tired faces as you crossed the finish line!

Have a look at the results sheet. If your time is missing, please contact me and I will gladly amend the sheet with your time if you know what it is. Sorry about the omissions, we don’t know how they slipped in.

Thank you again for coming all the way to Uis to support our event and the cause: Helping to protect our rhinos.

Results 2017 Brandberg Rhino Run and Ride