Where to stay

Accommodation in Uis and in the Region:

BRANDBERG REST CAMP – Contact: Basil. Tel: +264 64 504038 Email: brandberg@africaonline.com.na Website: www.brandbergrestcamp.com

MONTIS-USTI – Contact: Wilna. Email: montis-restaurant@iway.na

DAUREB ISIB CAMPSITE – Contact: Mike van der Meer. E-mail: daurebisib@gmail.com Website: www.daurebisib.com

PETRAS GÄSTEHAUS – Contact Petra. E-mail: hot.air.ballooning.namibia@gmail.com

THE WHITE LADY BED & BREAKFAST AND CAMPING – Contact: Analene. Tel: +264 64 504102 E-mail: whitelady@iway.na

BRANDBERG WHITE LADY LODGE & CAMPING (+/- 35 km out of Uis) – Contact: +264 64 684004, Email: ugab@iway.na

Private accommodation also available. Please email us on touchandgorun@gmail.com for inquiries.