2018 FNB Sandman Triathlon Recap: Family For The Win

What is more fun than taking part in an exciting, well-organised race in a picturesque little town at the coast? Doing so as an entire family, of course!

The past weekend marked a big first for us, and boy, was it fun! After Mr. V (5) announced that he was going to earn more medals than his parents, I suggested we enter them for the annual Sandman Triathlon. This event, hosted by OTB for the past 10+ years, is the oldest triathlon in Namibia, dating back to 1986 when it was still known as the Desert Triathlon. Continue reading “2018 FNB Sandman Triathlon Recap: Family For The Win”

Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal Marathon Report

My Moroccan dreams date back to the late Eighties. I was around ten years old when I first laid my hands on that fateful BZN tape featuring “Marrakech” somewhere on its melodic lineup. Now, in those days we didn’t have access to music videos on MTv or the likes,  so lyrics made sense to us purely through what it said and how they played out in our imaginations. With Marrakech on repeat (who am I kidding – I had to stop and rewind!), fantastical images of beautiful burka-clad people riding on horses through the desert to Marrakech was burnt into my mind. Continue reading “Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal Marathon Report”

Otter African Trail Run 2017: Challenge Race Report

2016 Otter (Retto) Post-Script:

When I entered the starting shoot of the Otter African Trail Run the first time in 2016 I had no idea what to expect. I had read and heard enough of the Trail to know that I was seriously ill prepared for what lay ahead. As a disclaimer, I have to mention that my Hubby got me a late entry into the Otter as a surprise for my birthday, which gave me only 6 weeks to prepare from 5k to trail marathon. Continue reading “Otter African Trail Run 2017: Challenge Race Report”