TransNamib Expedition 2018: Not Your Average Desert Longrun

We’ve been toying with the idea to run from Uis to the Atlantic Ocean probably as long as we’ve been living in Damaraland, so roughly 3.5 years. The allure? In Uis we are fortunate to live on a 7 913 km² unfenced farm, that is 791 300 hectares of wilderness, within which we are free to roam along with desert-adapted rhino, lions, elephants, giraffe, mountain zebra, and various other game species. Away from the C35 main road there are no power- or telephone lines, and in fact, there is very little man made between Uis and the ocean. And which way could be better to experience this vast, beautiful open expanse than running it? Continue reading “TransNamib Expedition 2018: Not Your Average Desert Longrun”

Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal Marathon Report

My Moroccan dreams date back to the late Eighties. I was around ten years old when I first laid my hands on that fateful BZN tape featuring “Marrakech” somewhere on its melodic lineup. Now, in those days we didn’t have access to music videos on MTv or the likes,  so lyrics made sense to us purely through what it said and how they played out in our imaginations. With Marrakech on repeat (who am I kidding – I had to stop and rewind!), fantastical images of beautiful burka-clad people riding on horses through the desert to Marrakech was burnt into my mind. Continue reading “Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal Marathon Report”

How to (Un)train for a Marathon When Your Main Title Is “Mom”

This article was originally published by Runnerclick on 5 March 2018. 


A quick glance at my running logs of the past three years or so and you would guess that I am a regular half-marathoner. Solely considering the mileage I put in most weeks, some would say halfs would be the wiser choice. But instead, I sign up for trail marathons and ultras that involve anything from 2000 m altitude gain. I hear you ask “but… why”?

Continue reading “How to (Un)train for a Marathon When Your Main Title Is “Mom””