Welcome to our page. We are a Namibian family of four who loves to travel and stay active. Some of our big passions include trail running and mountaineering. We try to give back to our community to help to create awareness for wildlife conservation by hosting running- and cycling fundraisers in aid of non-profit wildlife conservation organisations. Read more about who we are here.

Through this page we would love to share our adventures and engage with kindred spirits and like minded souls, so please remember to Touch base before you Go. we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Hi guys! Came across your website as I was searching for a photo of Devils Tooth Cave. I attempted to reach this cave three times a few years ago and eventually gave it a miss. I am not a rock climber so found the gully horrific! The last time we reached the base of the Tooth before turning around and having to go back down to our tent some way below – it involved abseiling down numerous waterfalls and the last abseil was in the dark – not fun! I enjoyed your write up and a huge congrats on climbing the Tooth! Our aim had been to reach the cave and I wondered what it looked like – now I know! Cheers, Elaine

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