Otter African Trail Run 2017: Challenge Race Report

2016 Otter (Retto) Post-Script:

When I entered the starting shoot of the Otter African Trail Run the first time in 2016 I had no idea what to expect. I had read and heard enough of the Trail to know that I was seriously ill prepared for what lay ahead. As a disclaimer, I have to mention that my Hubby got me a late entry into the Otter as a surprise for my birthday, which gave me only 6 weeks to prepare from 5k to trail marathon. Continue reading “Otter African Trail Run 2017: Challenge Race Report”

The Single Biggest Reason Why Everyone Should Run a Challenging Race

I originally wrote this article for RunnerClick, where it was published on 9 August 2018. ∼ Riana

The first thing I notice about him is his calves. They are hefty, solid pieces of meat, probably the size of my thighs. The rest of him is of medium build, albeit with a bit of a bigger midsection. But those calves are in a league of their own. Like he was a dedicated weightlifter at some point in his life but only the calves refused to give it up. Continue reading “The Single Biggest Reason Why Everyone Should Run a Challenging Race”

Dodo Trail Mauritius: 2018 Race Recap

Our lives aren’t measured in days but in moments. So don’t wait for them, go out and make them.

A few months ago Mr 5 asked how come I have so many medals and he has only a few. I told him it was because I like to run races. Right there he decided that he will run races too. So when Nico got about entering us for the Dodo Trail Run on Mauritius, I suggested we sign up the boys too. And then we’d have to wait for race day to see if they actually wanted to do it, because heaven knows today and tomorrow are worlds apart when you are 5 or 7! Continue reading “Dodo Trail Mauritius: 2018 Race Recap”