2018 FNB Sandman Triathlon Recap: Family For The Win

What is more fun than taking part in an exciting, well-organised race in a picturesque little town at the coast? Doing so as an entire family, of course!

The past weekend marked a big first for us, and boy, was it fun! After Mr. V (5) announced that he was going to earn more medals than his parents, I suggested we enter them for the annual Sandman Triathlon. This event, hosted by OTB for the past 10+ years, is the oldest triathlon in Namibia, dating back to 1986 when it was still known as the Desert Triathlon. Continue reading “2018 FNB Sandman Triathlon Recap: Family For The Win”

Lucky Star Marathon recap

Boy, what a week it was… During the days leading up the the Lucy Star Marathon we moved house, I didn’t manage ANY taper runs (although it sure didn’t feel like I was resting), we sorted various car and licencing incidents, traveled vast distances and kept 2 little boys happy during the entire process… so by the time we got to our pre-race accommodation on Friday night with race numbers in hand we were BEAT, to say the least! Continue reading “Lucky Star Marathon recap”